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彡(0)(0)「Excuse me. May I ask you something?」
彡;(゚)(゚)「ファッ!? は、は、はろー まいねいむいず・・・まいねいむ・・・」
彡(0)(0)「Oh, could you speak English? YEP!」
:彡( )( ):「ママママイネイム いず ヤキューミン アイアムペン・・・」
彡(0)(0)「Then,I'm looking for Koshien Baseball Stadium. Would you...?」

彡(^)(^)「Please go straight ahead. You'll see Umeda St. And take the Hanshin-Densha Line there.Koshien St is the 3rd stop. Have a nice trip!」

引用元: 彡(0)(0)「 Excuse me. 」 彡;(゚)(゚)「ええっと…」

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